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GEM® Cobb with Quail’s Eggs & a Beetroot Tahini Dressing (@RecipeBreakout)

GEM® Cobb with Quail’s Eggs & a Beetroot Tahini Dressing (@RecipeBreakout)

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This delicious recipe was created specially for GEM® Avocado by food writer, recipe creator and passionate foodie, Siân at Recipe Breakout.

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Main Bowl:

Salad leaves - romaine or iceberg with a few baby greens (including beetroot leaves)

GEM@ avocado - half, skinned but left whole or sliced (at a slight angle but retaining its unique half shape)

Cherry tomatoes - a handful of mixed whole/halved tomatoes (plus maybe a few sundried/blushed for variety)

Quail’s eggs - three hard boiled and halved

Red onion - half, sliced or chopped

Mixed herbs - freshly chopped mix of parsley, dill, chives and caraway


Beetroot Tahini Dressing/Puree:

2 tbs fresh beetroot - one large/two small pre-cooked beetroot 60gTahini

Plain organic, natural yoghurt - one dessert spoon

Squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Pinch of sea salt

½ tsp garlic paste (optional)


Optional Toppings:

Crumbling of blue cheese or feta

Nutty breadcrumbs - panko breadcrumbs tossed in spices of your choice (try paprika, mustard seeds or cumin) and a little evoo and roasted, then mixed with a few chopped pistachio nuts.



What a Gem®

Gem® is the richest, creamiest avocado you’re ever likely to taste. It’s also so versatile which makes Gem® a perfect choice for use in all kinds of recipes.

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