How we grow Gem®


It takes sunshine & a whole lot of love to grow a Gem® avocado

Hanging on our uniquely compact trees, and basking in the glorious sun, our GEM® avocados are harvested at their best. After the fruit is nurtured on the tree for months, our pickers carefully pluck them from their branches, trim the stalks, and lay them gently in their baskets. Every individual GEM® is treated to the same high level of care and attention to ensure they reach you at their very best.

We put the love into every single GEM®.

GEM® Avocado Growing a GEM®

GEM® is a special fruit with unique qualities. With our expertise, care & attention the trees bear the most beautiful gold-flecked, consistently high quality avocados.

GEM® Avocado Growing a GEM®

Get to know our growers

GEM® Avocado Growing a GEM® GEM® Avocado Growing a GEM®

Our growers work hard to deliver you the best

GEM® has a wonderful, sustainable journey. From careful planting of new trees, nurturing our orchards, selecting the perfect fruit by hand, careful packing and, finally, transporting across the world.

Take a step into the world of GEM®, where quality produce is grown using advanced and sustainable methods, and where people unite through shared values, purpose and expertise to enhance wellbeing.

To find out more about GEM® avocados visit Westfalia Fruit.

A South African growers GEM® story

Jannie Lombard introduces us to his family business, Lombard Avocado, who are GEM® growers for Westfalia.

GEM® avocado hand-picked with love and care

GEM® avocados are carefully selected from the finest plants before being hand-picked and packed with care. Only the best avocados make it into a GEM® pack.

What it takes to grow a GEM®

Louis Vorster talks us through growing GEM® in the Southern cape of South Africa. How his farm protects the local environment and supports local workers. 

The Californian history of GEM®

Mary Lu Arpaia, Extension Subtropical Horticulturalist from the University of California Riverside talks us through the early development and origin of GEM® 

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