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GEM® perfectly ripe and ready to eat avocados!

The darling of chefs and foodie fanatics alike, this gourmet avocado provides a remarkable eating experience. Its versatility makes it ideal for recipes ranging from the ubiquitous avocado toast to exotic entrées, magnificent mains and the most delectable of creamy desserts.

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GEM® Avocado Home

How we grow GEM®

Grown by the avocado experts Westfalia Fruit and its licensed and aligned third-party growers, GEM® avocados are picked at the ideal maturity with love and care.

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GEM® Avocado Home

What makes GEM® special?

GEM® has natural gold flecks on the outer skin, a slightly nutty flavour and a smoother, creamier texture to its flesh, making it easier to scoop out than other cultivars. 

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